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Nailing the Market

Research indicates 40 percent more women are getting their nails done than 10 years ago 1, and increasing numbers of men have weekly manicures in order to look – and feel – good 2 . With America’s growing attention to fine grooming, nail salons have expanded exponentially 3 . But what the nail industry truly needs is a trusted chain salon, offering a consistent experience and eliminating concern over such issues as sterilization. The :10 Minute Manicure is that concept, using high quality products that are better for your nails, and integrating medical grade implement sterilization 4 practices and disposable materials that are above and beyond industry requirements.

These days, everyone is pressed for time and looking for ways to accomplish more in less time. 5 With locations planned for airports and busy commercial centers, :10 Minute Manicure offers important services to our customers where the want it most: close to their office, where they shop and when they travel. Our sleek free standing or inline locations are geared to the high-end market, a market that’s largely comprised of people who lack the time for hour-long treatments 6 .


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